Some poets in this volume use imagery of familiar conversations and maintain the speech rhythm. There’s something Donnesque in Saravana Kumar Murugan;


I am the cigarette, you are fire

No smoke on my cigar, after you left

We do not have to fight; I’ll say you are right.

Come on idiot, you are for me.

Sarav speaks the contemporary lingo and drives home the message.

Dr. Mohanty, Recipient of Sahitya Academy Award

Dear Sarav,

If there is one writer who can spin around my views on the romance genre of stories, it is, to nobody’s surprise, you. I despise the genre, to be honest. Especially with the trash our current generation of writers is churning out. When I brought myself to read your story (finally), I was deeply impressed. Romance written with such maturity is a rarity.

The narration was amazing, the easy-flowing language, the oh-so-real characters, the twist in the end … it was as if I was reading an excerpt from a Jeffrey Archer novel! The best part what I felt about your story was that it was so high on the drama – and, like you know, without drama, everything is just so tasteless!

I wouldn’t say I loved your story, pardon me for romance is not my genre – but, it was a good, good read! It has the emotions in the right place. Your simplicity is your biggest weapon, dear Sarav, and your description of the wedding gown – ethereal! Readers must, must read THAT portion in your story to truly appreciate that we Indian writers can narrate world-class stories!

I’m counting on you to publish more full-length novels, high on drama and feels. Can’t wait to read more of you on paperback (blogs are different, reading paperback with the smell is a totally different thing).

Your’s and your better half’s conspired story is one of those stories in our anthology, Shades of Life, that will definitely make for a good Valentine’s present. Or a complimentary gift with a sorry card, in case of the usual domestic tussles! 😉 😀

Cheers, man!!!

Vishal Bagaria Contributing Author of Many Anthologies

‘’Eleventh Hour’’ written by Saravana Kumar Murugan for the book ‘’Will you be my dirty secret?’’ is a story inspired from the generation of today. Friendship delves into our lives to take a different form sometimes, how love turns into a lust and vice-versa. It’s a story of Riya, Ritvik and Rohan. It take years to build up the trust and just an incident to break it. A relationship without trust is a like a tree without roots. ‘’Eleventh Hour’’ conveys a similar line of thought. It’s amazing to see how creatively the author has managed to depict a dirty secret happened at the eleventh hour. The story is simple and quick read. I liked the narration with every single detail; takes you into the story and connect to the characters. However, I felt the story ended abruptly.

So proud to see you living your dreams 🙂
Keep going! Wishing you the best!

Simran Kaur Poet and Storyteller, contributing author of several anthologies

So amazed with the concept and art of writing… Sarav, am reading you for the first time, but can say you surely got a new fan of your writing. “The RETURN” created a short movie kinda effect with full of romance, realization, mistakes, improvements and creativity. Though it’s a complementary story… still its awesome. Other works are equally amazing.

Megha Barthwal Budding writer and a Hindi poet.