Some poets in this volume use imagery of familiar conversations and maintain the speech rhythm. There’s something Donnesque in Saravana Kumar Murugan;

I am the cigarette, you are fire

No smoke on my cigar, after you left

We do not have to fight; I’ll say you are right.

Come on idiot, you are for me.

Sarav speaks the contemporary lingo and drives home the message.

Dr. Mohanty, Recipient of Sahitya Academy Award

So amazed with the concept and art of writing… Sarav, am reading you for the first time, but can say you surely got a new fan of your writing. “The RETURN” created a short movie kinda effect with full of romance, realization, mistakes, improvements and creativity. Though it’s a complementary story… still its awesome. Other works are equally amazing.

Megha Barthwal Budding writer and a Hindi poet.

Hey, Sarav!
I came across your book.
It’s a fun read.
Completed in a day.

Devayu, Author of College Days