Simran Kaur Poet and Storyteller, contributing author of several anthologies

‘’Eleventh Hour’’ written by Saravana Kumar Murugan for the book ‘’Will you be my dirty secret?’’ is a story inspired from the generation of today. Friendship delves into our lives to take a different form sometimes, how love turns into a lust and vice-versa. It’s a story of Riya, Ritvik and Rohan. It take years to build up the trust and just an incident to break it. A relationship without trust is a like a tree without roots. ‘’Eleventh Hour’’ conveys a similar line of thought. It’s amazing to see how creatively the author has managed to depict a dirty secret happened at the eleventh hour. The story is simple and quick read. I liked the narration with every single detail; takes you into the story and connect to the characters. However, I felt the story ended abruptly.

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