Seasons of Love

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Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love is a collection of 20 award winning short stories, selected out of numerous stories received in the online contest organized by Heena Priya and Gaurav Mishra.

Love is only a word until someone comes along and give it a meaning. In our life, love is never planned, nor does it happen for a reason. It is a beautiful feeling, where one starts losing oneself for the other one. It is that moment which involves the passion of someone else in its dream. It is a beautiful feeling but truly felt only by few.

“Seasons of Love…” is an anthology of 20 different love stories by 20 generous writers, with expresses love in its own unique way with a mix blend of love saga. Some of them will teach you the real meaning and essence of love while some of them will make you feel the same way you’re feeling for someone special and in this seasons of love love many of them will make you fall in love.

🙂 to me 🙂

I am super excited! Seasons of Love, my third baby, is a romantic story, close to my heart, as I like to dedicate it to the victims of Tsunami. Thank you Sanmathi Publisher, Gaurav Mishra and Heena Priya for the grand platform and to all my friends for the encouragement!

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All views, incidents & characters expressed in the book are fictional and author’s own imagination. Resemblance to any real life incident or person is purely co-incidental. Logos of various brands/companies/incorporations used here are the trademarks of their respective owners, used with permission.

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