Letters To My Son

Letters To My Son by Sarav

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Love is painful. Love makes people selfish. Love binds a family and, in the process, breaks two. Love makes you feel weak. Love gifts you scars, tears, and painful memories. And yet, love is beautiful.

‘Letters To My Son’ is all about love. The love of a single father, Aarav who brings up his son, Nirav, protecting him against all odds, is unimaginably pure. Yet he had to undergo severe pain when Nirav goes abroad with this girlfriend Mirnalini for higher education.

It is Nirav’s birthday. He gets a parcel from his father with the note “Letters to my Son”. Each letter comes as a lesson, in love, family and life. As he picks up random letters and reads, he breaks down. The truth is always bitter, but love can heal everything.

What earth shattering secrets do the letters reveal?
Will the contents change the way Nirav feels about the people in his life?
Will Aarav’s love heal Nirav’s wounds?



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Genre: Fiction
Type: Kindle Exclusive
Publisher: indiauthor.in
Language: English
Pages: 67
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: 49 INR or 0.99 Local Currency Outside India


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