Coffee Date: The Real Taste of Love is a breezy read. It is the love story of Sid and Isha. The first time Sid saw Isha, he couldn’t blink even for a second. Sid falls in love with Isha. Isha could not escape from Mr. Charming. They date over a cup of coffee. Sid also acts as the male lead in Isha’s new short film. Niharika, Sid’s direct report in office falls in love with Sid. He rejects her proposal, but destiny has different plans. They have to fly abroad to execute a project. Shivani, Sid’s reel life heroine, get introduced to him by Isha. Shivani kisses him during a shoot. This along with a series of incidents hurt Isha.

Isha breaks up with Sid. Both Shivani and Niharika waiting for this opportunity, what will happen to Sid and Isha’s love? Will Sid and Isha reunite? Will Niharika get what she wants? Or will Shivani succeed in her masterplan?

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· Sixteen & Half ·

When the sun is about to sink, and I am about to give up, an idea of penning down a short collection based on a few dreams popped inside my mind.

A notebook, a pen, and a cup of coffee – a story is born. Many such positive attempts yielded a book, which is what you going to read now.

This collection of short stories is a portrayal of different emotions of life. Some of them will make you fall in love all over again and feel special, while some of them will make you understand the beauty of life and the value of someone special in your life, and the rest of them will make you bite your fingers, shed some tears, laugh out loud and redefine relationships. Get ready to experience some of the finest short stories from the Undisputed King Of Romance on Blog-O-Sphere, Sixteen & Half by Sarav.

“Why ‘Half’?” To know the answer, read till the end.

die 55 by Sarav
‘die 55’, a collection of short stories (55 Fiction) in Deutsch, Edited by LIA and Published by IndiAuthor. After getting certified in German (B1), I challenged myself to write a short story collection and I’m happy to get it published. Check the updates of the book here.