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I'm just another soul trying to figure out what life is. I love to excel in whatever I take part, and in whatever I do. I love to write, and I write under a pen name Someone is Special as my pen name is a sweet dedication to an angel in dreams. Writing is my passion, and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps me to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace. I met an angel in my dreams, and for whom I first penned a poem titled “Sorry” I feel Someone Is Always Special For Something ! and that someone will be special for some reasons, it may be.. When we were born ~ the first kiss from Maa; When we try to walk ~ the first time you fell smiling and your Maa shed tears; When we speak ~ the first word uttered (Mostly dad and mom will fight for this); When we go to school ~ the first 'A' learnt; When we find our first frend ~ the first wordspoken "My daddy bought me a Natraj Pencil"; When we pass ~ Mom i passed with flying colors; When we buy a small cycle ~ try to ride cycle with no hands on handle bar; When we are in Higher Secondary ~ thank God now am in 11th, no longer a kid; When we find our girl ~ oh my God, you are more special in my life, reason ?; When we are in college ~ Hey dude, come lets bunk today; that lecture is very boring da; etc., and it continues ... ! These moments are very special which we cant get back ! (What is special, Who is special and for whom it is special in the above scenario: Think?) More about me.. Find it here..

Happy Birthday Amma!!!

Amma! The creator. The living God. The purest diya in God’s throne lights the world till eternity. My world. My dream. My belief. My Confidence. My best half. My trust. And everything else that makes me.

To me, she is – God, that’s why I pray; Air, that’s why I breathe; Water, that’s why I drink; Fire, that’s why I light lamps; in short, she is everything. She cannot be written in words, not even be defined by language, or be equalled to holy books.

She is my Amma. You know, I am born lucky in this world not because of ‘who am I’ at this moment but because of ‘who I am’ when I was in her womb. Her first kiss on my forehead was the one moment I can never forget in my life. Her caress on my head when I am dull and her care when I am ill can never be equalled. The pleasant music ever composed is the sweet lullaby of hers. The first sweet word I spoke was ‘Amma’ and it is the sweetest word I’ve ever uttered in my life. The first time I fell when tried to walk was the first time I saw tears in her eyes, I felt the pain not because of falling down but because of her tears. The first and best kindergarten rhyme I ever heard was the one rhymed by her when I ate at night with the moon. The first ‘A’ learnt was taught by her, the first hundred scored in mathematics, the first Tamil poem I wrote, was because of her and the list goes on!

Whatever I had done till now and whatever I will do hereafter are all because of her! She is always the pillar of my life. I live for her, and more than anyone else in the world, I love her the most. I will never able to end this write-up though I write billion words about her because ‘I am her son’.

Today is her 50th birthday. I am not with her in India, but my thoughts are celebrating with her. Happy Birthday Amma! I wish you to live long for 100 years. I am selfish, so a hundred more than hundred! Always keep smiling Amma!

Pics to be uploaded soon…

Someone is special for something

Sweetest 90 Seconds

The day started with the cool dew drops, as Ashik stepped out of his home. He was wearing a sky blue shirt and dark trousers, looked so smart. He started walking towards the bus stop and got into bus. It moved very slowly because of the ups and downs in the roads, he suddenly noticed that minute hand of his watch edged towards ‘3’ and the other just passed ‘8’. Peeping through the window, he noticed that ‘Hassini’, his college mate was riding on Scooty pep. Without his knowledge, his eyes started admiring her beauty, within seconds (only for him) bus stopped, and he got down from the bus. Entering the college, he saw that ‘Hassini’ was at the other end of the same pathway, so hastened his steps with the boot sounded loud and turned left which took him nearer to her. In the meanwhile, she slowed her steps as she noticed Ashik rushing towards her. When they met in same line, smiled at each other and Ashik would never know that it would take another 90 seconds to cover the rest 12 meters to reach their classroom. But it happened.

They both walked like tortoise, after smiling for a moment, Hassini said “Hey how was your physics cycle test?”, Nodding his head “Not so bad”, “Hmmm.. So…”, smiled and reading her beauty from top to bottom “you are looking damn cute in this rose chudi”, “Hmmm.. So..”, smiled again and looking straight into her eyes “so.. you are blushing a lot, Hassini”, “Hmmm.. So..”, “so.. class, a foot ahead”, she smiled, “thanks for your compliment”.

And they entered their good old classroom walking in unison, much like a perfect couple entering a party hall! The usual comments about ‘them’ would be roaring in the air but he couldn’t hear anything. It was because the endless charm of those most recent 90 seconds had captivated his senses – the sweetest captivity he always enjoyed thereafter.