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Sarav (Saravana Kumar Murugan) is the author of the romantic novel Coffee Date: The Real Taste of Love, Sixteen and Half (an exotic collection of short stories of different genre), love and honey (a tiny collection of poems on lost love and painful tears), die 55 (a collection of fiction comprising of 55 words each in Deutsche), editor of #SOL book series, contributing author of several anthologies that includes “Uff Ye Emotions 2”, “Timeless Love”, “A Little Chorus Of Love”, among others. He writes under a pen name “Someone is Special” at “Few Miles– shortlisted as one of the Top 12 Creative Blogs of India in 2014”, and winner of more than 25 contests in blog-o-sphere.

Apart from writing, he is a project lead at Wipro Limited. In eight years and six months of IT life, he worked at a customer site in London, UK for a year and at a customer site in Hamburg, Germany for three years. Currently, he is a Windows 10 Rollout Manager for a Diabetes Care Customer. He has won Best Campus Joinee Award, Technology Innovation Spark Award for his work. He is graduated B. Tech in Information Technology. He, along with his wife Vidhya, founded indiauthor.in, connecting authors, publishers, readers and reviewers. He loves capturing life through the lens, giving life to paper with pencil, and at times, he satisfies his stomach with his own cooking.

He says…

“Writing is my passion and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps me to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace. I am obsessed with love, romance, creative writing, photography, and I share my life (sometimes) in a meaningful and beautiful way.

When the sun was about to sink, I was about to give up, my dream girl stole me from this world and walked me through a dreamland and that was the moment I fell in love with her, and for whom I first penned a poem titled “Sorry

Sorry to wake you up in your sleep!
Sorry for hugging you last night that deep!
Sorry to implant my lips on yours!
Sorry for tasting it for some hours!
Sorry to reveal those unheard words!
Sorry for wishing that not to be my dreams!

From that day on-wards, I started penning down free verse, rhymes, most of them being romantic ones as the one who inspired being the sweetest dream girl in this world. I started blogging on request by a close friend of mine and as a sweet dedication to my dream angel under the pen name, “Someone is Special” at Few Miles.

Myriad of thoughts in my mind,
Just few of them in my space,
Little romantic, little mushy,
Most of them being close to life!
In the journey of Few Miles,
Crossed several hurdles, critics,
Happy to stand here as SiS,
Always love to be Special!


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Coffee Date: The Real Taste of Love


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Sixteen & Half


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love and honey


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For other works, please follow the link: Shades of Life | Anthologies | Blog

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