Happy Birthday Amma!!!

Amma! The creator. The living God. The purest diya in God’s throne lights the world till eternity. My world. My dream. My belief. My Confidence. My best half. My trust. And everything else that makes me.

To me, she is – God, that’s why I pray; Air, that’s why I breathe; Water, that’s why I drink; Fire, that’s why I light lamps; in short, she is everything. She cannot be written in words, not even be defined by language, or be equalled to holy books.

She is my Amma. You know, I am born lucky in this world not because of ‘who am I’ at this moment but because of ‘who I am’ when I was in her womb. Her first kiss on my forehead was the one moment I can never forget in my life. Her caress on my head when I am dull and her care when I am ill can never be equalled. The pleasant music ever composed is the sweet lullaby of hers. The first sweet word I spoke was ‘Amma’ and it is the sweetest word I’ve ever uttered in my life. The first time I fell when tried to walk was the first time I saw tears in her eyes, I felt the pain not because of falling down but because of her tears. The first and best kindergarten rhyme I ever heard was the one rhymed by her when I ate at night with the moon. The first ‘A’ learnt was taught by her, the first hundred scored in mathematics, the first Tamil poem I wrote, was because of her and the list goes on!

Whatever I had done till now and whatever I will do hereafter are all because of her! She is always the pillar of my life. I live for her, and more than anyone else in the world, I love her the most. I will never able to end this write-up though I write billion words about her because ‘I am her son’.

Today is her 50th birthday. I am not with her in India, but my thoughts are celebrating with her. Happy Birthday Amma! I wish you to live long for 100 years. I am selfish, so a hundred more than hundred! Always keep smiling Amma!

Pics to be uploaded soon…

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amma!!!

  1. Happy Birthday to you dear Amma ❤
    Am big fan of yours. Your thoughts about love, life and opportunities keep uplifting me at low times. I simply smile with intense pleasure each time when I utter them and realize the deep truth!
    I'd really love to meet you…hope someday 🙂

    May you live longer with happiness and peace.
    Stay smiling Amma…Lots of love
    ~Your little daughter 🙂

    Sarav, I count this beautiful dedication in the list of ''Bests of Sarav''

      1. Luv u amma….
        Good post dear about our amma….
        Truly saying.. “Without her we r nothing in this world”…


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